Best Ships to use in Lost Ark

It’s well documented how important sea travel is in Lost Ark. Since you need to discover hundreds of islands and areas on the map just to advance in the game. As a result, knowing which ships are going to get you from A to B quickest is absolutely vital. 

Taking this into account, here are the best ships to use in Lost Ark. 

Best Ships to use in Lost Ark

To unlock every part of the game, you need to be able to sail the open sea. But in order to sail the open sea, you need to have a ship. So, here are the best ships to use in Lost Ark:

1. Estoque (BEST OVERALL)

Despite this being the first ship you unlock in Lost Ark, it actually ends up as the best overall vessel in the entire game. With a solid base speed of 20, and 30’s across the board in resistance against Cold Snap Seas, Dead Waters, Kelp Beds, Sandstorm Seas, Siren Seas and Tempest Seas. The Estoque is a well-rounded ship capable of handling every expedition in the game. It’s also the most easily obtainable since you receive it automatically after completing the “Set Sail” quest in the main storyline.  

2. Astray (FASTEST)

Unlike the Estoque, the Astray is not nearly as resistant against each of the potential hazards in Lost Ark. With that being said, it is still decently resistant towards Kelp Beds (23), Sandstorm Seas (22), and Cold Snap seas (22). And it’s arguably the most highly sought-after ship in Lost Ark because of its incredible base speed of 22 knots. This one will take a little more time to acquire though since you will need to first reach level three reputation in the “She Drifts, Sea Gifts” Una daily quest. 

3. Eibern’s Wound/Ghost Ship (MOST DURABLE)

Last but certainly not least we have the most durable (and coolest looking) ship in the game, Eibern’s Wound or “The Ghost Ship”. With a base speed of 18.3, this one certainly isn’t going to be the quickest ship in the game. But it makes up for this with its ability to withstand rigorous travel thanks to its 4200 durability rating. Displaying insane resistance against Dead Waters (50), and respectable resistance against Cold Snap Seas (25) as well as Tempest Seas (22). To obtain Eibern’s Wound, you will have to reach level three reputation in the “Bleak Night Fog” Una daily quest.  

For more information on all of the available ships in Lost Ark, check out our guide on how to unlock each ship in the game.

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