Dordle Answers (April 2022) – Today’s Solution

Dordle is a word game where players must try and figure out two mystery 5-letter words at the same time. Players get a total of seven guesses to try and figure out both words. Like the original, the game gives feedback for correct and incorrect letters and letter positioning to help you solve the puzzle.

Figuring out both words is more of a challenge than tackling just one, even with seven moves. If you are drawing a blank and need some help with the answer, we’ve got the Dordle answers below. We recommend giving it your best shot and solving it on your own, but if you don’t want to break your streak, we’ve got you covered.

Dordle Answers

March Dordle Answers

Dordle Answers FAQ

How to Play

Dordle is free to play on the official website. Players must guess any five-letter word to start. Yellow letters mean a letter is in the wrong position, while green letters mean the letter is in the right spot. Letters that remain uncolored are incorrect, and you should try and avoid using them in subsequent guesses.

How to Share

After finishing each puzzle, you can choose to copy your results to the clipboard. Tap the button that says “copy to clipboard” on the bottom right of the game. This version of the game also allows you to copy your answer in Discord format. Beware, you should only use this in Discord. If you paste the Discord version elsewhere, you may spoil the answers for other players.

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