Nerdle Answers (May 2022) – Today’s Solution

Nerdle is a spinoff of the popular word puzzle game that has been trending on social media around the world. The twist on this game is that players will guess mathematical equations instead of words. Like the original, players have six tries to formulate and guess a calculation. It must contain an equal sign and be a valid calculation. Correct numbers in the correct spot show up as green, while correct numbers in the wrong spot show up as red.

Figuring out these Nerdle answers can be a challenge, as there are tons of different possible calculations to input. If you’ve used up all six tries but still want to know the answer, you can view them all below. We will keep the page updated with future and historical answers, so you’ll always have them available if you’re drawing a blank. Remember, the proper order of operations applies to this game.

Nerdle Answers

The Nerdle for today, May 1, is 62-52=10

April Nerdle Answers

Nerdle Answers FAQ

How to Play

To play Nerdle, you can visit the official website and start guessing. It is free to play, and no subscription or payment is required. Players have six tries to guess the calculation. After each guess, you can see if you have any numbers from the solution in the right or wrong spot. There are eight tiles, and the possible “letters” to pick are numbers 0123456789.

How to Share Results

After you guess (or fail to guess) the calculation after your six tries, you can tap on the share button. Your results will automatically be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste your results on social media or in any chat box to show others your score.