Quordle Answers (May 2022)

Quordle is a spinoff of the popular word puzzle game that has taken the world by storm. Developed by Freddie Meyer, this game has players trying to guess all four Quordle words in nine tries or less. It sounds easy considering the number of guesses you get, but many players find it more challenging than the original. An article published in The Guardian helped the game rise to popularity.

Figuring out these Quordle words can be challenging. If you’ve given up all hope and ran out of tries but still want the answer, that’s why we’ve created this Quordle answers post for you. Try your best to guess it on your own, but we’re here to help you out if you need to know.

Quordle Answers

The Quordle for today, May 1 is Clack, Crime, Genre, and Harem.

April Quordle Answers

Quordle Answers FAQ

How to Play

Quordle is free to play on the official website. Like the original game it was inspired by (Wordle), players get a number of guesses to find a hidden five-letter word. However, in this version, players get nine tries to do so, and there are four hidden words instead of just one. Green letters mean they are in the correct spot, and yellow letters mean it’s a letter in the hidden word but it’s in the wrong spot.

How to Share Results

After finishing a game of Quordle, you can tap on the Copy to Clipboard option or even choose to share it as an image. If you copy it to your clipboard, you can then press CTRL+V to share it somewhere, like on social media or a chat application such as Discord.